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Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Louis Vuitton Menswear Catalog

These are some pictures from the new Louis Vuitton Menswear collection designed by Paul Helbers. The LV varsity jacket is a really nice piece and that ring as well. Its a classic jewelry collection called Montaigne with the damier print embedded in the links. The necklace from the Montaigne collection is pictured last.

Lanvin Spring/Summer 2010 New Releases

Here are three more new releases from Lanvins Spring/Summer 2010 collection. The deck shoes go for $665 US, the low trainers are $535 and the high trainers are, you guessed it $830 US! Where are these companies coming up with that number, $830 is an odd number to come up with. The Hermes Quicker sneakers are $830 too. Oh well, if somebody has an idea than let me know.

Louis Vuitton Taiga Rucksack Prices

I know I posted this bag several times but I just got the lowdown on the prices. The cream one is $5,000 and the grey ostrich is priced at......drumroll......$25,000! WOW!

Tom Ford Charles Aviators

These are definitely getting picked up ASAP! These are rose gold aviator frames from Tom Ford called Charles. They retail at $325 and can be ordered from Aloha Rag!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Gucci Boat Shoes S/S 2010 New Releases

Three more Gucci boat shoes have released from their Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. Continuing with the vulcanized sole treatment, the shoes come in two variations. The first is the same style we say before in a nice tan suede, while the second takes on a more traditional nautical style in red or navy leather. Nice clean branding, with not much more than the red/green color story on the foxing stripe. Now available from Concepts.

Woodlore Shoe Trees

The cedar wood absorbs moisture your feet leave behind after 8 hours of pounding the pavement, re-establishes your shoes’ original shape—ironing out creases in its leather, and keeps the insoles smelling like 4th period wood-shop. Your shoes will look as good as you do every step of the way for several decades instead of several years.*Pick these up at Cedarville Store for $19.99 (coupon code: cvsclub55) until offer last! Or for $30.

Hermes Red Quicker Sneaker

These red Hermes sneakers are perfect for Valentines but too bad they only make one shoe for each size. Which means extremely exclusive and the price tag is $830! Available at

Salvatore Ferragamo Ad

The most expensive shoes in my closet is a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes that retail at $2200 so I'm guessing that bag isn't going to be recession friendly. But if you got it then treat your lady to this one and I'm sure you'll have a nice evening! Like they say happy wife happy life!

Cartier Captive Timepiece

I almost called this Cartier a watch but no no this my friends is a serious timepiece! I'm really into gold right now and this Cartier just really stood out to me. Not too big and gaudy just right (as it seems in the picture). The sizes range from 35mm wide to 52mm wide and priced to sell at $22k-$96,500.

TOD'S New Gommini 122 Lace Driver Shoe

The new TOD'S driving shoe in light blue suede on a rubber driver sole is a nice pick for the spring when you're going for a cruise in the Aston Martin on the weekend! Retails for $425 at

Diesel Time Zone Watch

Ultramodern watch boasts four time zones and both digital and analog time, completed with a sleek leather strap. It retails for $295 and can be found at

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gant Cruise Collection

Check out these two Gant pieces. One's a lightweight denim blazer with white stitching for the spring and the other is a light blue zip up cardigan with a navy star in the center. Both of them can be found at!

Louis Vuitton Raindrop Besace

I don't know what they were thinking at LV but a lot of blogsites are posting these garbage bags priced at $1960!

Hermes Clipper 44mm Mechanical Chronograph

Ah Hermes is another favorite of mine. Check it out. Hermès is set to drop a thick collection of Clipper watches onto the market. Timezonehas a first look at the 44mm “mechanical” chronograph model. “For 2010, the Hermès Clipper collection adds the Clipper 44 mm Mechanical Chronograph, with a 44mm case in titanium. Inside the case, a mechanical self-winding Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement, a marvel of reliability and precision, gives rhythm to time and, for an instant, suspends its flight.” Four other models – 26mm and 28 quartz, 36mm chrono, and a 39.5mm automatic will also be available in shortly

Indian Outdoor Grooming

These are a couple photos from India of how they groom outdoors. I used to be a barber and spend at least one day out of every week in one (shoutout to Fuzions Barbershop) so I thought this was an interesting twist to the norm of how we usually get groomed here in the states.

Polo Ralph Lauren Olympic Down Coat

I personally am not that big on down puffer coats but if you are and a lot of people are not because of the look but because of the warmth here's one that Macy's and other major department stores can't keep in their stores. The Olympic Polo jacket with the big polo on the chest and the classic USA print across the back. It retails for $325 and is available at but not for long so hurry up!

Stella McCartney Striped Spring Dresses

Womenswear is not my specialty but I'm sure your wife or girlfriend won't mind one of these. Stripes aint easy, we all know that, but Stella manages to make them appealing and relaxed in both of these dresses. The drapiness makes all the difference in the one on the left and the hibiscus is the key to the one on the right. Both now on sale at KirnaZabate.

Sperry Fall/Winter 2010 Sneak Preview

Sperry is one of my favorite shoemakers so they'll get a lot of love on my blog. American footwear company Sperry have been making shoes since 1935 and are the current official footwear for US SAILING. It should come as no surprise then, that this latest collection of boat shoes has already started exciting shoe fans around the world. You’re looking at what’s to come from the Fall/Winter 2010 collection and as you can see, traditional boat shoes are in good number. Alongside the classic low cuts, are the Chukka-mid and Bahamas hi-top models, which are also set to release in array of colors and materials

UNIQLO +J Panelled Cardigan

Here’s another piece from the difficult Sophomore album that was Jil Sander’s SS10 collection. We love our cardigans as much as the next man – maybe even more so – but it was getting hard justifying buying yet another cardy. Unless that cardigan has panelling, therefore making completely different to any other cardigan we have. And, at the risk of sounding like a market trader, at £30 how can you go wrong? (Uniqlo)

Lacoste Tennis Racquet Pack

I'm not really a big fan of Lacoste sneakers but I thought these were pretty cool. There were 2 other shoes in this pack that I decided not to add for your sake. Inspired by an old wooden Lacoste tennis racquet found in the Paris archives, this collection of four shoes pays homage to the tennis roots of the brand.

Two heritage styles, Dot, an indoor court shoe from 1983 and Indiana Hi from the last 80’s are joined by two recent heritage inspired styles, D’Arblay and Europa. The colors used across these shoes come from the old racquet, whether it is from the stem of the racquet, the racquet itself of the deep dark leather used to wrap the handle. A mix of premium dress leather, suede and mesh are combined across the pack.

GRIFFIN Spring/Summer 2010

I like these for spring. For Griffin, this season has been about focusing on heritage styles and reworking favourites whilst developing new, soon to be classics. The label worked with some amazing fabrics from Italian camouflage linens to British Millerain dry wax cottons. The collection was inspired by the Griffin summer and lifestyle, creating a collection that has the Griffin mix of urban vs. country with all the elements of both, fashion vs. function, tradition vs. technology, etc.


Once again Comme des Garcons has worked with Moncler. This time they did not only collaborate on jackets, but they will also present a special retail concept in Tokyo. The same space that previously housed the CdG x Vogue and CdG x Louis Vuitton pop-up spaces, will be taken over by the Comme des Garcons Moncler 365 store.

“The store, which is to open March 25, will carry a mix of black merchandise from both brands as well as an exclusive range of cobranded pieces, a spokeswoman said, without elaborating on details of the partnership.”

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wald International Aftermarket Upgrades

One at a time, fellas. That's how most aftermarket tuners approach their projects. But not Wald International. The Japanese tuning house is launching a new line of modifications for some of the most eminently desirable luxury sedans and "four door coupes" on the market, all at once. Included in the line-up are none other than the Porsche Panamera, Jaguar XJ, BMW 7 Series, Infiniti M and the Rolls-Royce Ghost, just for good measure. Little in the way of details have been announced, but from the images you can see in the gallery below, it appears Wald has fitted each with new front bumpers, side skirts, spoilers and wheels mounted to lowered suspensions. I didn't post the Infiniti M because it wasn't my favorite.

2011 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG

Ahh the new E63 AMG what a magnificent piece of machinery. This vehicle has 6o5 horsepower and a max speed of 211 mph. It goes from 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds. The suspension is dropped 30 millimeters and has 20 inch AMG rims. Also the body has the whole AMG kit as well. Everything is perfect on this car except for the rims not my favorite.

Gucci Pre-Fall 2010

Just like I said before Gucci is not my favorite but for women they're pretty on point. This is a little preview of the Gucci Pre-Fall 2010 collection which is very 70's influenced. The 70's was a good era for fashion so Frida Giannini Gucci's head designer is on the right track.

Ralph Lauren Elias Sneaker and Bag

The Ralph Lauren Elias denim sneaker and bag has that vintage feel to it. The shoes have a whiskers fade along the side and cream soles. The bag has a Ralph Lauren crest stitched on the front. The bag and sneaker set retail for $95 US and are on pre-order until March 8th.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is one of my favorite lines next to Ralph Lauren. Another awe inspiring company that I support constantly with my debit card. It all started with Monsieur Louis Vuitton in 1854 where he opened up his first storefront in Paris. He created legendary trunks and luggage with precise craftmanship that eventually became known throughout the rest of the world. In 1888 he created the design for the Damier canvas print in brown and beige with the Louis Vuitton name on it which to this day is being adorn on many bags and shoes. Then in 1896 his son Georges designed the monogram canvas print which is personally my favorite and many others as well. From then on LV has thrived throughout the fashion industry building storefronts throughout the world. They merged with Moet and Hennessy in 1987 becoming more powerful and creating LVMH group. In 1998 Marc Jacobs became the artistic director for the men and women lines which he currently still is successfully handling. Paul Helbers is currently the studio director for the menswear lines and the fifth generation Patrick Louis Vuitton still oversees a lot projects and the company as well. In 2008 LV had a revenue of $2.7 Billion in sales and 13,700 employees. So there's a little rundown on the history and important facts about LV if you are a fan or purchasing customer and had no idea. I'm just one of those people who like to know what I'm investing in. I'm actually going to the flagship store today on 5th avenue and will take pics to share with you guys. The first pic is the 5th ave. flagship store in NYC and the other is the Champ Elysses flagship store in Paris, France.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Louis Vuitton Taiga Collection

I know I posted just the backpacks the other day but being a big fan of LV I decided to show some more pieces. Offering a range of accessories/footwear for men, Louis Vuitton welcome the arrival of its Taiga Leather lineup for Spring/Summer, which boasts a variety of different bag silhouettes and footwear for the everyday man. Sleek and sophisticated, the color usage is kept to a minimum, with focus on function and overall premium quality, a hallmark of the famed French label. Briefcases, wallets, and luggage pieces are showcased, along with other items such as shoes, suspenders, headwear, and even flip-flops