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Thursday, April 5, 2012

BMW i8 Spyder

My favorite car in the world just got even better with the new BMW i8 Spyder! The new drop top version is a dream come true for me now I just have to win that next Mega Millions so I get can it! This car is going to sell so fast.

TOM FORD Men's Fall 2012 Collection

There is no question that Tom Ford is one of my favorite designers on the planet! He is the epitomy of cool to me. From his hair style, to his beard to his glasses that are on my face as we speak. I really look up to that man. His new Men's Fall 2012 Collection has a bunch of greys in it which is my favorite color I just hope that really wide tie thing doesn't come into style because I am not a fan. I'm a fan of less is more. Now I just need someone from TF to send me some samples for my next shoot please! Fingers crossed!

L'OFFICIEL HOMMES Paris May 2012 Issue

This is one of my favorite magazines because the pictures are so frickin' cool and they don't try too hard like most magazine editorials. This is the guys and lady from Acne featured in the new magazine styled with some nice looking threads.

DR. MARTEN Spring 2012 Collection

I'm not usually a fan of Dr. Martens but I do respect them because they have been around for ages now.  They have a bad rap for being the uniform boots for skinheads (yuck I think I just threw up in my mouth!) but with this new collection the prep crowd will certainly will be impressed. Available now @

FURLA Shoulder Candy

This Furla bag is becoming a really sought-after piece right now! Ladies if you come across it scoop it up because even if you don't like it then you can always resell it for more than you purchased it for.

GLAMOUR May 2012 Issue featuring Lauren Conrad

I'm sorry whenever there is Lauren Conrad press I have to post because she is one of my favorite human beings on the planet! I only watched her show 'The Hills' for the sole purpose of her. I kind of fell for her secretly without anybody knowing lol. Only the closest people to me knew that I watched this show (only females) because if my friends found out that I watched this show I would've been friendless fast lol! Anywho, here she is actually topless for the cover of Glamour's May 2012 Issue. I guess they are trying really hard to sell magazines these days because this will do it.


I really love this painting by artist Bernadette Pascua who does illustrations for everybody in the fashion biz from Dior to Tiffany's to Elle to Vogue! Her blog is one of the best out there called! I actually know her younger sister really well, it is such a small world, and that is not why I posted this. I want this painting for my house seriously!