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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mai Lemore "Sentiment Profond" Sandals

Here's a nice gift idea for the lovely lady in your life.The ‘Sentiment Profond’ ( tr. Intense /Deep Emotion) Sandals by Mai Lemore.Featuring silk petals, hand painted leather, gold thorn-like heels, and a bee encrusted with crystal , onyx and agate. For info visit Celebrate Love!

Onyx Bentley Continental Platinum GTO

This is a serious vehicle. I actually never saw a car of this caliber tuned like this. It must be a fortune though because without all the extras this car goes for $250K. Although you can find one used for around $80K if you have it.

Friday, February 12, 2010

V. Concept

The V Concept car is the work of designer Shoeing. V Concept has modern design elements, as well as inspiration from the beauties of the seventies. No wonder it gets such eye catching looks

Ralph Lauren Spring Gingham Prints

It's time for spring so time to put on the Gingham shirts so here's a few from Ralph Lauren. Here's a few color options too. I wear black gingham in the winter because its my favorite print. Gingham really reminds me of spring my favorite season. Pick them up at $125 for all except the aqua one which is $90.

Hermes Man Store

Here are some more images from the new Hermes Man store on 5th ave. in NYC. I like the picture of the tie selection it looks like a very huge and neat closet area for ties. I also like the picture of the shirt collars and bands in the glass encasement. It looks artsy but its just pieces for their custom shirts that I'm guessing that they are doing there. I would have that in my house as an art piece for show.

Tag Heuer Monaco V4

The new Monaco V4 by Tag Heuer is probably my favorite watch right now but as of right now it is limited to only 20 of them being made so you guessed it very exclusive and extremely expensive so enjoy the pictures. I really like the aqua details they really stick out. In the top picture they are showing one of their first timepieces as compared to now THE FUTURE!

The Royal Tenenbaums

I really liked/like this movie. It is very entertaining so do yourself a favor and rent it. In a fitting follow-up to Rushmore, writer-director Wes Anderson and cowriter-actor Owen Wilson have crafted another comedic masterwork that ripples with inventive, richly emotional substance. Because of the all-star cast, hilarious dialogue, and oddball characters existing in their own, wholly original universe, it's easy to miss the depth and complexity of Anderson's brand of comedy. Here, it revolves around Royal Tenenbaum (Gene Hackman), the errant patriarch of a dysfunctional family of geniuses, including precocious playwright Margot (Gwyneth Paltrow), boyish financier and grieving widower Chas (Ben Stiller), and has-been tennis pro Richie (Luke Wilson). All were raised with supportive detachment by mother Etheline (Anjelica Huston), and all ache profoundly for a togetherness they never really had. The Tenenbaums reconcile somehow, but only after Anderson and Wilson (who costars as a loopy literary celebrity) put them through a compassionate series of quirky confrontations and rekindled affections. Not for every taste, but this is brilliant work from any perspective. --Jeff Shannon Order it at

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grizzly Bear- Veckatimest

The Brooklyn indie rock band Grizzly Bears release is pretty solid. I personally purchased it because of their single "Two weeks". This song is so incredible from start to finish from vocals to drums from pianos to bass notes. Do yourself a favor and check it out! Another cool song from that album is a lot slower but well produced called "Foreground".

Farewell Bryant Park NYC

Fashion weeks gets underway here in New York today but, even before one model could place a stiletto on a crisp white catwalk, the mood was bittersweet. That's because this week will be the final time the collections will be unveiled in the Bryant Park Tents. Bryant Park management had long been locking horns with fashion week producers, complaining that American fashion's biggest spectacle was growing too large and restricted public access to the park. In September, the shows will move to Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park, a venue that can better accommodate the twice-annual event. The shows have been held at Bryant Park since 1993 catapulting more than a few designers' and models' careers and fostering many more memories. Several fashion insiders took the time to reflect recently and the Tents will be adorned with their quotes. Here, a preview: "I began modeling in 1965 when there were only shows in Paris. When Bryant Park started, fashion became a world event. It was exhilarating." -Lauren Hutton "Bryant Park became the beacon of what New York fashion stands for-an industry that's fearless, tireless, and always moving forward." -Anna Wintour, Vogue "Bryant Park became the heartbeat of fashion twice a year... we will miss it!" -Diane von Furstenberg "Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is when all of New York comes together to shine a light on its family of designers. We share a runway, a calendar, an audience-and of course, the spotlight. As a result, it has given us a world presence. There's no better way to support our industry than when we stand together as one." -Donna Karan "I'll always have fond memories of the Tents in Bryant Park, it was one of the earlier highlights of my career." -Gisele Bündchen "I propose that a plaque be mounted in the park as a legacy: 'The Bryant Park Tents 1993-2010 branded New York as the indisputable Fashion Capital of the World.'" -Tim Gunn
"We just rolled our racks over from our office like a big caravan... the simplicity of it will be missed."-Anna Sui "The first real show I ever had was here in Bryant Park. Now, there's nothing that makes me more excited/nervous than seeing the Tents rise twice a year." -Cynthia Rowley "I've spent hours in the Tents working as a model with some of the icons of American fashion. Showing my collection on the same runway was surreal-humbling and honored are the words that come to mind." -Erin Wasson "Style, fashion, and the Tents, now part of the folklore history of New York City." -Norma Kamali And, finally, this from the woman who organized it all.... "The Tents at Bryant Park succeeded and triumphed beyond my wildest expectations. I am so proud of how they became the lightening rod for fashion in America." -Fern Mallis, IMG Fashion

RIP Alexander McQueen

Tragic news have reached us today, that British fashion designer Alexander McQueen has committed suicide today. Just this morning we featured his upcoming collection with Puma and especially in recent years he has had a tremendous impact on the fashion industry. RIP!


Statement from the Family of Lee McQueen

“On behalf of Lee McQueen’s family, Alexander McQueen today announces the tragic news that Lee McQueen, the founder and designer of the Alexander McQueen brand has been found dead at his home. At this stage it is inappropriate to comment on this tragic news beyond saying that we are devastated and are sharing a sense of shock and grief with Lee’s family.

Lee’s family has asked for privacy in order to come to terms with this terrible news and we hope the media will respect this.”

Alexander Mcqueen X PUMA Releases

Continuing to preview PUMA’s AW10 footwear, we can now show you some styles from the forthcoming Alexander McQueen range. Working with the concept of “Tiger vs. Crane” the collection combines technology and tradition with a number of well crafted silhouettes – the ridged model above being one of our favorites.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 Men's Collection

Here are three nice looks at the Mens Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 Collection runway show. My favorite is the blazers in the second and last pictures. They look like tweed sportscoats with plaid shoulders. Very well put together!

Polo Ralph Lauren Spring Releases

Two cool polo shirts from Ralph Lauren. The green one looks like an official Polo sporting polo shirt with the slash across it and the number 3 on the sleeve. The other is a tie-dyed polo with a nice blue gradation look to it. Both priced at $98 at

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Louis Vuitton Damier Azur High Top Sneakers

I posted the low tops the other day and my high tops just came in the mail today!

Lanvin Navy/Burgundy Boat Shoe

Another colorway of the Lanvin Spring/Summer 2010 Boat Shoe has been released. This season it comes in a navy/burgundy colorway with a suede/perforated upper, with nylon toe and rubber sole. The shoe is now available at Barneys. It's priced at $665.

Moncler Gamme Bleu Canvas Jacket

Thom Browne works the Moncler Gamme Blue collection once again for Spring/Summer 2010. With the collection dedicated to summer sports, it is no surprise to see this easy on and off canvas jacket with easy open/close snap closures. Better than a simple snap it, the close locks into place – making the jacket “ideal” for active wear. Available now at Colette. It retails for $1720!

Rolls-Royce Ghost Premiere

Rolls-Royce GHOST - World Premiere from 12FRAMES on Vimeo.

Hermes Man Store NYC

Tomorrow, New Yorkers will be treated to the opening of the first ever dedicated Hermès Man store, located at 62nd St and Madison Avenue – directly across the street from the Hermès flagship. To celebrate the store’s opening, the luxury label produced a custom, limited edition custom baseball glove and ball set. The glove is done in a deep, almost-burgundy, red leather and features an embossed Hermès “H”. The ball also feature the signature “H” front and center.

Band of Outsiders Spring/Summer 2010 Lookbook

Here's the new lookbook from the very popular Band of Outsiders Spring/Summer 2010 line. As you can see they went with a very vintage looking polaroid shoot which in an artistic aspect looks cool but as far as actually seeing the detail in the clothing good luck. Oh and I didn't post all the looks just the one's that I liked (like always).

Puma Desert Boots

These are some new Puma desert boots that come out soon and they look really good! They are called Urban Motus. Check them out! Sorry no price on them yet either.

Louis Vuitton Womens Pre-Fall 2010 Preview

Here's a few looks from the Marc Jacobs designed Women's Pre-Fall 2010 Louis Vuitton line. Ladies enjoy!

CLAE Spring/Summer Collection 2010

The new Clae Spring/Summer 2010 releases come in a few different style but I just posted the coolest ones. Clae is my favorite shoemaker because of the shoe quality and the subtle detail. Clae's are made like $300 shoes but are retailed at a price point ranging from $90-$140! I love the sneaker shoe combination and they choose nice colorways that are very appealing to the eye. Please support this great shoemaker. Available at!