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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bugatti 16C Galibier

Forget that CLS this is probably the sickest car on earth!-EMM The question of whether or not Volkswagen will decide to put the Bugatti 16C Galibier into production is still unanswered. While we've heard rumors that the German automaker was leaning towards the affirmative, a final decision has apparently not yet been made. Still, Bugatti is making sure all of its ducks are in a row... just in case. Evidence of such can be seen in a trademark filing with the World Intellectual Property Organization that seeks to keep other automakers from stealing the car's design and shape. After all, it's happened before. With Veyron production scheduled to come to an end after the 2012 model year, Bugatti only has a little bit of time to decide if it's moving forward on that supercar's successor, and if so, whether or not the front-engine, four-door Galibier is the direction it needs to go. We should know soon enough.

Louis Vuitton Valentines Bracelet

Get this Bracelet for your wife and she'll never leave you! This is the Louis Vuitton Valentines bracelet and each charm ranges from $3,000-$5,000. WOW! Made of gold and colored diamonds.

Mercedes Benz F800 AKA the NEW CLS

DAMMMNN! If Mercedes releases this vehicle they're just going to take over. Everybody who knows me knows I'm a BMW lover but this kind of makes me change my mind even though everybody and their mother drives a MB and I don't like to be like everybody else. It's like a sign of success you automatically buy a Mercedes although I have been seeing a lot of BMW's all over the roads lately. Whatever just check this beauty out!-EMM The Mercedes-Benz F800 Style concept car that'll debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month is highly-touted by Mercedes-benz's press release scribes for its green-car tech, but what's probably of greater interest to most of you is its styling, which is everyone's first peek at what the next-generation CLS-Classsedan is going to look like. To that end, get ready for a nose section whose grille apes that of the SLS AMG, plus enough flame-surfaced bodywork to make one envision Chris Bangle, sporting a set of Groucho glassesto mask his true identity, clandestinely moonlighting at Benz. The rear doors are sliders, because it's a concept, and you need to give the people a clear view into the swoopy, sci-fi passenger cabin. Props to Mercedes PR for gamely making it sound as if there's an actual practical application for those doors, though (see the attached press release). Mercedes-Benz also touts the concept's flexible powertrain platform. The realistic option is a plug-in hybrid system that's basically an offshoot of the V6 light-hybrid setup found in the S400 sedan. Mercedes says this new plug-in gas-electric system, which is good for over 400 combined horsepower, gives the car an EV-only driving range of 18 miles. The automaker has announced that a new plug-in system is headed to the next-gen S-Class, so don't dismiss the F800's hybrid setup as trendy green pandering. Save that cynicism for the concept's other powertrain option: a compact fuel cell/electric setup evolved from the one used in the current F-Cell cars. We have no doubt that the technology itself is genuinely impressive, and we're sure news of its development will be a hit with all the jet-setters at the next snowbound climate change conference. From a mass-production, real-person's-car standpoint, expect to see the fuel cell system in Benz showrooms right after Mercedes intros a 700-horsepower inline 3-cylinder that runs on unicorn milk. Alas, we digress. The F800 concept also introduces two new technologies that will doubtless appear in upcoming models. Distronic Plus Traffic Jam Assistant is an enhanced version of Mercedes' active cruise control system, which can now steer the car through curves as long as it's traveling under 25 mph. Neat. Also new is the Pre-Safe 360-degree system, which expands the existing Pre-Safe collision detection/mitigation system to the rear of the car. Now, if Pre-Safe senses that a rear-end impact is imminent, it'll apply the brakes in a bid to keep the car from getting into an additional chain-reaction accident involving other cars or pedestrians. We'll be in Geneva to see the sheet come off the Mercedes-Benz F800 Style in person, and will have plenty of firsthand observations and live photos then. For now, feast your eyes on the gallery below, and check out the Mercedes PR included after the jump.

120 Year Old Louis Vuitton Damier Trunk

We've written before about the aesthetic pleasures of vintage luggage. Now a London antiques dealer is offering one of the most beautiful examples of classic Louis Vuitton we've ever come across. Dating back to 1890, less than 40 years after Louis Vuitton was founded in Paris, the Vuitton Damier cabin trunk comes from an era when well-heeled travelers had a large retinue to cart along their every need even on the most exotic excursions. The Pullman Gallery in London is offering the trunk, featuring the rare Damier checkerboard pattern, brass handles and hardware, and wood and leather trim, for $11,000 to serious collectors. Restored to original condition, the beautiful trunk is most likely the only one of its kind.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Vampire Weekend- Giving Up The Gun

Weekend - Giving Up The Gun I posted this because it's a great video with a lot of my favorite things all mixed into one masterpiece i.e. indie rock, tennis, movie stars, the Rza minus the Jonas brother and it would've been perfect!

TOD'S Lacetto Altraversion

I know my girl's going to kill me but these are next on my shopping list. These red suede drivers from Tod's are called the Lacetto Altraversion with the white and red laces are supercool for spring/summer with no socks of course. They retail for $425 (no surprise if you are familiar with Tod's shoes). The other pic is of Christian Chensvold author of Ivy Style (check it out online) and he is sporting these bad boys nicely.

Louis Vuitton Jump Sneakers

These sneakers came out last year but they always caught my attention. They are the Louis Vuitton Jump sneakers in navy canvas with white calf leather and a khaki/cream stripe that has little LV's going across the stripe. They are priced around $500 and are a nice look for the summer if they're still available.

Lanvin Grey Denim High Top Sneakers

Barney's just released these new Lanvin high tops in charcoal grey denim with cream detail and laces. They're priced at $715 (nothing unusual for a pair of sneakers from the high end fashion house). Available now at!

Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Chronograph Watch

If you've been looking for a watch to match your pricey red sports car with black interior, you can't do much better than the TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Chronograph Watch ($6,900). It features a stainless steel case with titanium carbide coating for a smooth black finish, a black dial with chronograph, tachymeter, and date functions, water resistance good up to 100 meters down, and a black alligator strap with red stitching and a folding clasp closure.

Burberry Fall/Winter 2010 Men's Collection

Here are a few looks from the Burberry Fall/Winter 2010 Paris fashion week show. I know everyone's posting from New York fashion week but a lot of my favorite designers are only shown during Paris fashion week so if you didn't get to see these by now here you go. You can tell they're primarily concentrating on showcasing the jackets which look very exquisite except the size of the jacket in the last pic looks way too big for that model which is definitely what they were going for but didn't work for me. I'm not really digging the boots but I am digging the tucked in pants in the boots look with the long and short coats. Overall Burberry definitely makes the best jackets hands down and I speak from experience (I own three).

Band of Outsiders Spring/Summer 2010 Releases

The 2010 spring/summer collection from Band of Outsiders has begun hitting stores around the world as Singapore’s Surrender is among the stockists. Known for their shirts, button-down shirts are joined by their seasonal collaborations with Sperry which include boatshoes and loafers.

Aspinal of London Nappa Leather Gloves

These gloves look very luxurious and are the perfect accessory to add that distinctive gentleman look.-EMM Gloves won’t be neccessary for much longer but it’s always nice to plan for the future. If you’re going to buy gloves, why not push the boat out and get these nappa leather numbers? They evoke just enough old school charm to be called timeless, they’re sturdy and, if the nappa leather wasn’t luxurious enough for you, they’re sheepskin lined. The price isn’t cheap (£125) but they’re an ‘investment piece’. While that phrase might be a little silly (it’s not like you can sell these for a profit ten years down the line) these will get better with age. And at that cost, you’ll make sure you never forget them on the train home. (Aspinal of London)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Louis Vuitton Cosmic Blossom by Takashi Murakami

The latest collaboration from Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami for Spring Summer 2010 is the Cosmic Blossom Collection. Vuitton and Murakami's flowers are interspersed creating a pattern that is dizzyingly delicious. Serigraphed onto the fabric, it will come in rose, bleu and violet and will be released on April 15, 2010. Photos from