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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jack Spade Drill Slim Turnpike Briefcase

Jack Spade's nylon slim briefcase is a pretty unorthodox bag with it's assymetric shape but it definitely grabs your attention. Available now @ for $395.

Halston Heritage Assymetric Jersey Mini Dress

Assymetry is pretty tricky when first looked at! It kind of plays a game with the brain especially if you have OCD but it works with this dress from Halston Heritage. Available now @ for $245. Halston was my very first experience of the fashion industry. One of my closest childhood friends worked there for several years when I was in college and I used to spend a lot of time there. I've met Randolph Duke, then the head designer of Halston, ran into Debbie Allen and Tyra Banks. I knew pretty much everybody in the office and I even went on a few pickup runs to the dressmakers. It was a great experience. I've received a lot of nice gifts as well including a pair of Halston designer frames and a bottle of Moet Chandon for Christmas. They even offered me a job to help out during Fashion Week for their runway show. All together it was one of the reasons why I wanted to make a career change from music to fashion. The music progression wasn't as enticing as the fashion progression hence why I am still here doing this blog everyday! Thank you Halston!

Esquire Russia Featuring Anthony Kiedis

Now if you really need an introduction of who this man is then you really don't know much about music at all. Ok fine if you're under the age of 21 then you get a pass I guess. This is Anthony Kiedis, the leading vocalist from the one of the best bands in recording history The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Oh yeah now that rings a bell! This picture just fit the black color theme of today perfectly.

Burberry Prorsum Knotted Leather Sandals

If you really want that lift ladies then I suggest that you pickup these Burberry Prorsum Knotted Leather Sandals with a 5.5" heel. Super-luxurious! Available now @ for $795.

iPhone 4 Diamond Encrusted and Gold Finish

Does anybody really need this? iPhone 4 in the most expensive diamonds that you can buy like 6.5 carats of them and the other in 24kt. gold! The white one alone costs $20,000!

Marc Jacobs Bag @ Colette

Another Marc Jacobs bag with Chanel-like details to it but nonetheless it came out relatively well. Available now @ for $999.08.

Ray-Ban Carbon Fiber Sunglasses

Ray-Ban's Carbon Fiber Sunglasses look really luxurious and they are reasonably priced around $160 for each pair. One in aviator-style and the other pictured above in a frameless-style. Both are available now @

Friday, July 9, 2010

Vans Vault Filson Rucksack and Sneaker Pack

I really like this rucksack from Vans Vault and Filson! But it is a Berlin exclusive so no luck for me but if you are in the Berlin area I would jump on this ASAP.

Marc Jacobs Chanel-ish Bag

Whoa! There's something very familiar about this bag. I'm thinking Marc was really inspired by Chanel's bags in a big way. I don't get it though coming from such a phenomenal bag designer like MJ why would he do such a thing. Maybe he wanted to make a more accessible/reasonably priced version of it? Available now @ for $942.52.

Louis Vuitton Nomade Leather

This pocket organizer from LV is my favorite one mainly because of the rich-looking Nomade Leather in that saddle brown color. Available now @ for $345.

Herb Williams Crayon Sculptures

Herb Williams sculps with crayons for his exhibit at the Rare Gallery in Chelsea (Manhattan). His work looks incredible! The pieces come to life with the depth that the crayons give it and the pop of color is great too! The Nashville-native supposedly used 500,000 crayons for this exhibit alone. If you are in the New York area be sure to check his exhibit out.

Ked's for Gap Slip-Ons

Gap teamed up with Ked's with these two slip-on sneakers. The denim and the metallic pewter were my favorite one's from the collection. Available now @ $39.50 for the denim and $44.50 for the metallic pewter.

Tricker's Fall 2010 Brogues

Tricker's new looks are pretty interesting especially the brogue boots with the crepe sole! Look for these and more to be released soon at Tricker's retail stores.

RL Rugby Fall 2010 Collection Looks

Here are a couple new looks from Rugby's Fall 2010 Collection. Grey, black, navy and cream as well as tweed. I can't wait to wear my tweed blazers again I love them all. Grey is such a cool color that works with everyone's complexions. Go to to see all the new styles now.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Ad Campaign featuring Madonna

Finishing off my grey posts for today is a couple images of the Madonna and Dolce & Gabbana Ad Campaign in vintage Black & White pictures. The first picture came out really good and sexy minus the vieja but I get it!

Louis Vuitton Glacier Taiga Card and Notes Holder

This LV Card and Notes Holder in Glacier Taiga Leather is supercool! It's a little bigger than the Pocket Organizer at 3.7" x 5.1" but I think it's a perfect size for a wallet and the color is perfect too. Available now @ for $500.

Louis Vuitton Grey Suede Imola Moccasins

I think I found what I want for my birthday(which is next week Hamptons here we come!)! And yes they are grey suede. Wow what a coincidence today's posts are all in the grey shade spectrum. I tried on the denim Monte Carlo loafers, then my eyes stumbled across these beauties in the LV store in Jersey and I instantaneously fell in love with them. So hopefully they will be all wrapped up and ready for my B-day next week. I posted these before but these weren't available anywhere until recently. Available now @ Louis Vuitton Retail Stores for $575.

Ransom by adidas Originals "Valley" Sneakers

Speaking of grey suede, here a pair of grey suede Ransom by adidas Originals "Valley" sneakers also in navy. They are both from the Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. I can't tell which ones that I like better.

Ferragamo Footwear

Ferragamo releases these two new suede/leather sneakers with a cool design. Grey suede always gets me! Available now @

Proenza Schouler Medium Suede PS1

The Proenza Schouler Medium Suede PS1 is a fan favorite and it is available now @ NET-A-PORTER for $1595. They also have it in small and large sizes as well. It kind of looks like a briefcase but the suede gives it a chic look.

Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Pocket Organizer

I have this wallet in Monogram Canvas and it's great for people who like small wallets. I really like the Damier Azur print for the summer. It measures at 2.9" x 4.3". Available now @ for $245.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Louis Vuitton Looping Bracelet

This LV Looping Bracelet is so pretty and it's now officially on my girlfriend's must-have list. Made of LV's gold brass. Available now @ Louis for $420.

Van Era Medallion Pack

These Japan exclusive Vans Era Medallion Pack with the wingtip details look supercool! Available now @