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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mansory Rolls-Royce Ghost

Here's a cool looking concept picture of the new Rolls-Royce Ghost in navy blue with gold trimming by a company called Mansory. I'm not sure exactly when this is going to be released but I did like the image even though I hate cars with gold trim. I think I'm just going to like the illustration of it and not the actual car. I'm just really into gold right now but not on my cars so we will have to see what this is going to look like. I will post the actual image when it comes out.

Peugeot 5

I like the way Peugeot did the windshield connecting to the roof. Very different. And the honeycomb looking headlights are cool too!-EMM It's just a concept at this point, but the Peugeot 5 ($TBA) is likely to share more than a few features with the company's next 508 sedan — and that's a good thing. It's powered by Peugeot's Hybrid4 technology, which combines a 2.0L HDi FAP diesel engine, mounted at the front of the vehicle and good for 163hp, with a 37 bhp electric motor at the rear for a total of 200hp. Other features include automatic four-wheel drive, 19-inch wheels, LED lighting, and a concept-worthy windshield that seems to disappear into the roof.

Moncler Gamme Bleu Red Polo

This is a nice polo from Moncler Gamme Bleu with white trim around the collar, button snaps and a Moncler patch on the sleeve. Real simple and real nice. Available now @ Barneys for $210.

TOD'S Gommini Vela Boat Driver

This is an interesting shoe with a combination of the classic boat shoe and the driving shoe. Available now @ Barneys for $425. But make sure if you wear these you are sockless and its summertime at least when you are doing so. Thank you for your cooperation!

Michael Kors Double Trimmed Cashmere Cardigan

This is another nice piece from Michael Kors that I found online. The Double Trimmed Cashmere Cardigan in black with grey trim. Very cool! Available now @ for $495.

Yuketen Multicolored Boat Shoe

Yuketen releases these multicolored boat shoe as well. They are called the surfer moc and are now available @ colette for $235.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Earth

You are probably wondering why I'm posting this picture of Mother Earth but this is one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen before. It's the Earth photographed from outer space in high resolution compliments of NASA. Hopefully it will inspire somebody out there checking out my blog. Notice the shiny aqua water off of the tip of Florida

Louis Vuitton Imola Moccasin

These are the shoes that I was talking about yesterday. Wow! They come in suede and Taiga leather. Here are my favorite colors from picture 1 down first up are the grey suede, next are the red suede, third are the grey taigas and last but not least are the beige taigas. Very special. Do not sleep on these. Available now @ LV retail stores if you're lucky, $575 for the suede and $615 for the Taiga leather.

Yuketen Blutcher Kiltie Shoes

What a name! But I do like the look of these supercool suede boat shoes with a kiltie underneath the laces. Nice feature! I actually have that on a pair of Ralph Lauren boots (called the Ackley boot) that I purchased at the Polo Mansion on 72nd st. Well if you like, these are available now @ for $325 a piece they also come in a beige/Khaki color but Not so mucha!

Lanvin Indigo/Brown Sneaker

Lanvin just released these new goretex boot looking sneakers. Very cool with the indigo blue canvas upper and brown leather detail to top it off with. Available @ colette for $624.

Louis Vuitton Manhattan Richelieu $10,000

Wow LV wins the covetted spot for most expensive shoes in the world! Congratulations Louis! You are my favorite shoemaker and I'm posting new images tomorrow of some new loafers from LV that I love.-EMM At an astonishing price of $10,000 per pair, Louis Vuitton is offering what are perhaps the world's most expensive pair of men's dress shoes for Spring / Summer 2010. The Manhattan Richelieu wingtips are finished in waxed genuine alligator skin. Designed to embody the famed French firm's tradition of luxury and craftsmanship with a bit of vintage flair, the handmade footwear features intricate stitching and a subtle pattern of perforations. They are crafted using Blake construction, a shoe-making technique designed to impart immediate suppleness and comfort. The thread is embedded in the outsole, making it less vulnerable to wear and tear. The stylish shoes have a glove-soft leather lining, a Ruthenium-finish metal LV monogram cube embedded in the leather heel and a hand-painted leather sole.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Ah the Ray-Ban Wayfarers are what made sunglasses considered cool. If look up the word cool in the dictionary there's probably a picture of somebody wearing Wayfarers. Now I'm not the ideal person for wearing what everybody else is wearing but these get a pass from me just because of their history. So pick them up today @ for $140 and pick me up a pair too. Haha just kidding.

Michael KORS Zip Detail Cardigan

This cashmere cardigan by Michael KORS is so innovative the way the half zipper details is going along the buttons and around the neck. Nice job! Available now @ for $495.

Aston Martin Rapide

You are probably wondering what cars have to do with fashion but it has a lot to do with it from the art aspect, the color inspiration, the sleek looks of the vehicle and come on lets face it if you are all dressed up who really wants to come out of a Corolla and get it valeted. Even if you can't afford these kind of cars to rent them isn't that expensive either. So on that note: Aston Martin does it again with this four-door masterpiece. Even the way the doors go upwards a little is so cool to me. The interior is unlike any other as you can see for yourself. A lot of these uber high-end vehicles were definitely influenced by the great job Maserati did on the Quattroporte with making their four-door supercars but this is absolutely a great job from Aston Martin. It has a V12(of course why wouldn't it) with 470 horses and is priced at $233k!

Harvard University Inspiration Board

This is an inspiration board for Harvard University's new clothing line coming out. Due to the recession Harvard hasn't been doing too well financially so they are trying other outlets in order to help out their financial problems. I hope it all works out for them because Harvard's history and it's influence in fashion/style is so incomparable to any other University in the country. I posted this to hopefully inspire you in one way or another. Enjoy!

Mark McNairy For New Amsterdam Windsor Wingtips

These brogues are a nice addition to your shoe collection with the golden brown suede upper and brick colored sole. Don't wait too long on these because they are selling fast. Available now @ priced at $345.

Maiden Noir Hunting Jacket

This Maiden Noir Hunting jacket looks very well assembled and detailed perfectly. I like a lot of detail especially when it's the same color as the rest of the piece so it makes it more subtle. Now available at Haven for $425.

Carolyn Massey A/W 2010 Trench Coat

A few images popped up yesterday from this show but my favorite piece was this trench coat in light grey. Check it out!

Alexander McQueen Harness Sport Shirt

Here's another great find. It's called the Harness Sport Shirt in light blue and it has a gun harness on the shoulders made out of the same fabric and color as the shirt to give an extra cool subtle look to it. I like this piece a lot. Available now @ for $435.

Alexander McQueen Linen Pants

I found these online and what I really liked about them are the roll tab cuffs that are perfect for the summer or vacationing in Miami. They have an adjustable waist in the back as well. Available now @ for $730. The shirt in the post above goes perfect with these.

Clark Desert Boots White Suede

The Clark Desert Boots in white suede sure does look nice but I'm not sure how safe white suede is to walk outdoors with. It'll probably be like wearing a shoe made out of toilet tissue if you know what I mean. No disrespect to this beautiful looking shoe but I'm just saying. Available now at Ships.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

FENDI 24K GOLD $36,000 BAG

It's very rare I post bags but this was worthy of a post for the ladies if you like gold like myself. $36 THOUSAND dollars! Insane!-EMM Fendi has created a very flashy, very expensive, and very exclusive new bag to celebrate the opening of their most recent shop in the Crystals at MGM's CityCenter in Las Vegas, NV. The bag is a Trevi Fountain Peekaboo bag done in luxe python leather that's been dipped in 24-karat gold and carries a price tag of $36,000. Along with the golden version are a limited edition of 20 other bags that don't have the golden finish but do have a numbered gold logo plate on the inside and each sell for$4,550.

Ralph Lauren Hansel Madras-Strap Driver

Another driving shoe to feast your eyes on and this one is perfect for Easter. Just don't over do it with the madras print. Actually don't do any madras print at all just match solid colors with these and that's more than enough. Nice supple italian leather and available now at for $425.

Kate Hudson @ Burberry Prorsum A/W 2010 in London

Ah Kate Hudson wearing Burberry Prorsum at the Burberry Prorsum Fashion show in London on Tuesday. She just stole the show that day. God bless her! Even though she broke my boy Owen Wilson's heart and now I see why. Simply AMAZING!

Prada Striped Saffiano Bifold Wallet

Prada's Striped Saffiano wallet is a nice addition to your spring look with it's bright royal blue leather with baby blue and white stripes. It's exclusively sold only at Saks 5th Avenue for $350. Get it now @!

Polo Ralph Lauren Navy Striped Ties

Here are a couple of ties I found on that are my favorite and on sale now. I love the crested ties the most. Those are for the real preppy individual and would go nice with that Princeton Chambray Sport Coat that I posted yesterday. Actually all of these would go perfect!

Fendi Braided Sandals

For the ladies!-EMM Spring ‘10 seems to mark the departure from edgy rock hardware on shoes, to something more simple and sexy. Gold chains and braided leather on these Fendi sandals. Available at browns.

Bugatti Veyron "Car of the Decade"

This has to be the sickest paint job/color combination in the world (in my opinion of course:)! The navy/champaign paint with navy accents in the rims. And the interior with that European camel brown leather (that's the color of the leather in my Bimmer) is just the cherry on top! That's one of the reasons why this is the most expensive car in the world (approx. between $1.2-$2 million)! The Veyron also received the Car of the Decade award from Robb Report.

2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony/PRL

Here's an image from the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony and everybody's in Ralph Lauren from head to toe. Right now the Olympics are influencing fashion and there is a buzz around all the Olympic sportswear that's out. Last night on E news on their Fashion Trends segment they were showing the Ralph Lauren Olympics collection and a few other pieces from Nike. They featured this sweater which is available on and is probably my favorite piece from the collection. It's priced at $385.