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Monday, May 28, 2012


There hasn't been enough great pieces to feature these days to post so I have to resort to cars another obsession of mine! This one here is a one-of-a-kind Ferrari SP12 EC based on the 512 BB and is estimated to cost $4.7 MILLION DOLLARS! Specifically made for and in collaboration with music legend Eric Clapton.


Now you know this woman is way too beautiful for nerdy Woody Allen and that's probably why he dates 13 year olds but nonetheless this photo is perfect for those reasons alone and her breasts (or breast) aren't half bad either!


I really love this photo that I found on someone's Tumblr!

ELLE UK JULY 2012 Issue featuring David Beckham

This ELLE UK's first male cover and who else do they have then their own David Beckham! Those tattooed sleeves are just too much and I friggin' hate tattoos so maybe they should've photoshopped that.

J. CREW Edie Attaché Tote Bag

J. Crew always seem to get it right over these days especially with these new luxe-looking bags called the Edie Attaché Tote Bag. I saw the CNBC special the other day about J. Crew (it was more about J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler) and it was a really good watch so I highly recommend if this stuff fascinates you. Available now @ for $288.