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Friday, December 16, 2011

VERSACE FOR H&M Men's Resort 2012 Collection

The new Versace for H&M Men's Resort 2012 Collection has some promising pieces like all the shirts but the pants look a little too tight for me! The robe and silver chain are really really cool though!

VERSACE Spring 2012 Ad Campaign featuring Gisele Bundchen

Lastly is the new Versace ad with the world's highest paid and richest supermodel Gisele Bundchen. The men's outfit is just too much for me and I can't see anyone at least wearing those pants well in the United States that is but you never know I've seen some things living in New York.

DONNA KARAN Spring 2012 Ad Campaign featuring Adriana Lima

Here is some more eye candy for the guys and females (whatever floats your boat) (whatever tickles your pickle (I love that one)) with Adriana Lima in the new Donna Karan Spring 2012 Ad Campaign. I love her but I wish that these fashion models weren't so skinny. Don't get me wrong I'm skinny too but bony is what I'm talking about. I used to be bony but I hate that look so I finally gained the weight that I desired and I want to stay there. I don't like my girls like that either. More cushion for the pushing is what I'm talking about ladies and gents! Lol!

ELLE January 2012 Issue featuring Katherine Heigl

My girlfriend loves Katherine Heigl and thinks that she is so beautiful and I can see why in this new ELLE January 2012 Issue! A lot of her beauty also comes from her internally because she seems like such a genuinely nice person and externally as you can see for yourself she's not doing too bad in that department either.

LOUIS VUITTON 'SUPER SWEET' Spring 2012 Ad Campaign

LV's new 'Super Sweet' Spring 2012 Ad Campaign just brightens up my dull day that I'm having! The imagery and colors are all perfect! I guess that's what LV pays the big bucks for. Enjoy!

MADEWELL Spring 2012 Lookbook

Not only does Madewell have a great name but their clothes speak for themselves! The J. Crew sister company's new Spring 2012 Lookbook looks incredible with vibrant colors with a classic preppy feel that I always dig!

VERSACE FOR H&M Resort 2012 Women's Collection

Here it is, the Versace for H&M Resort 2012 Collection in it's glory but I only put up the pieces that I liked of course and most of the collection was worthy of an EMM posting! I believe the release date is in January so be prepared to camp out again for this collection.