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Friday, January 13, 2012

CASIO Stainless Steel Digital Watch in Gold/Gold

I usually post really high end unaffordable watches on here but I've been obsessing over this not-so expensive watch ($54) from a not so expensive brand Casio that I've seen at the American Apparel store. I just seen it yesterday on someone's arm in a picture (seen above) taken by Tommy Ton at Pitti Uomo. Available now @ for $54.

DIEMME Boots Fall/Winter 2012 Collection Preview

I'm REALLY digging these new Diemme Boots from their new Fall 2012 Collection presented at Pitti Uomo in Italy this week.


I swear by these Sebago by Ronnie Fieg Boot collaborations because their leather is of utmost quality and the shoes are actually handmade. They are usually priced around $150-$200 which is well worth it for a pair of handmade shoes/boots like these anywhere else would cost you around $300-$500. These are set to be released today sometime @ I'm digging the name too because Delancey Street in downtown Manhattan used to be the spot to get the best leathers in the city for the best price sort of just like the shoes at hand.

VALENTINO Menswear Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Valentino is known for creating the best evening gowns/dresses on the planet and their new menswear Pre-Fall 2012 Collection is right up their as far as quality goes. That black sweater with the two cable knit stripes going down the chest is calling my name!


Who ever said that beauty doesn't pay is completely wrong in this case! Don't get me wrong I do really like her songs but her beauty is so much greater than her vocal abilities no offense Lana. She just signed a modeling contract recently and her album is due out this month so things are looking really good for her.

LOUIS VUITTON Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Since it is official that Marc Jacobs is staying at Louis Vuitton instead of the rumored move to Dior we can all sit back and enjoy the greatness that this man creates over at LV especially with his new presentation of the Pre-Fall 2012 Collection. It definitely has that Louis Vuitton look with great color choices and the richest fabrics known to man used throughout. I really like the use of that bright crayon green!

GUCCI Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Gucci is not a force to be reckoned with and it shows with their new Pre-Fall 2012 Collection presented the other day in the fashion capital of the world, yes New York! A lot of fur and flower prints on this collection and these are my favorite picks. Of course I always pick out the most wearable pieces because what is the point if you can't wear them anywhere.