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Saturday, October 16, 2010

RL Rugby Wool Leather Patch Cardigan

This burgundy Wool Leather Patch Cardigan from Rugby is a definite purchase for me. It comes with leather buttons and brown leather elbow patches. Available now @ for $128.

RL Rugby Flannel Wool Blend Pants

Rugby's Wool Flannel Pants are selling faster than I could get this post up so do yourself a favor and pick these up. Available now @ for $128.

D&G Knit Jacket A/W 2010

D&G's fair isle Knit Jacket in charcoal grey and white with the hood is a nice casual piece that'll set you apart from the rest. Available now @ for $534.50.

Gourmet The 27 Hiking Boots A/W 2010

These hiking boots from Gourmet called the 27 were done extremely well. Suede, leather and canvas with the contrasting black and wheat colors just made this a perfect shoe/boot. Available soon!

Carven Double-Breasted Cashmere Blend Coat A/W 2010n

Speaking of camel coats, this one here from Carven Double-Breasted Cashmere Blend Coat is tastefully done with a small leather waist belt to give it a more feminine feel to it. Available now @ for $1350.

LA Times Editorial Featuring Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich looks great in this editorial for the LA Times. I like the Max Mara camel coat in picture 3 and the Marc Jaclobs one in picture 1. Here eyes really stand out beautifully in picture 4 though with those colors.

Burberry Wool Flannel Skirt A/W 2010

This Wool Flannel Skirt in charcoal grey from Burberry with the belt is a really nice piece for the ladies. Men stay away. I'm not into the whole men in skirts look at all. Women can get away with wearing men's style clothing but men not so much. It throws the whole masculinity thing out the door. No disrespect Marc Jacobs because I respect your work so much but leave the skirts alone please. Available now @ for $295.

Friday, October 15, 2010

YMC Desert Brogues

What a nice pairing of the two classic designs in one great look called the YMC Desert Brogues! Available now @

Polo Ralph Lauren Custom-Fit Tartan Polos and Rugbys

More plaid but in a not-so common silhouette as the polo and rugby shirt. Polos and rugbys look great in plaid so I would jump on these even though Polo is getting a little too popular right now. I just love Ralph Lauren's work and have been wearing it since the early 90's so I've been a loyal patron rather than a trend-ridden follower. All are available now @ for $98.

Timberland Abington A/W 2010 Hiking Goretex

These Timberland Abington Hiking Goretex Boots are going to be released supposedly by the end of the month. I spoke to an associate from the Timberland Soho store and that was the information that was given to me. If you are interested, you can give them a call @ (646)613-7292.

RL Rugby Holiday 2010 Lookbook Preview

Here is a preview from Rugby's blog of their Holiday 2010 Lookbook. I love the Rugby look! The look of their store, clothes (without the big branding on it of course) their employees stylish looks and their lookbooks. That is one job I would love to have. That is styling a Rugby Lookbook or just to work with the stylists who piece these wonderful images together would be a delightful experience.

Burberry Double-Breasted Check Raincoat in Charcoal Grey

My other favorite color for fall is charcoal grey so this Burberry Double-Breasted Check Raincoat in charcoal and black plaid got my attention right away. Available now @ for $695.

Burberry Brit Short Check Trenchcoat in Olive

Plaid is the way to go right now and I'm loving it. This plaid Burberry Trench in olive looks damn good! Available now @ for $695.

Burberry Shearling Lined Boots

I just found these Burberry Shearling Lined Boots with the straps that are just like the ankle boots but higher. Available now @ for $1519.20.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

RL Rugby Fleece Shawl Collar Pullover

This Fleece Shawl Collar Pullover in a vintage faded black with white striped collar and wristbands is a sporty look for the fall. Available now @ for $128.

Billionaire Boys Club Shawl Collar Nautical Tee

This BBC Shawl Collar Nautical Tee in navy and white stripes is a cool looking shirt with a yacht logo on the chest. Available now @ for $237.29.

Maison Martin Margiela World AIDS Day Tee in Japanese

Maison Martin Margiela's World AIDS Day Tee shirt in Japanese is releasing soon and I will be supporting it as soon as it is released. They will be released at Maison Martin Margiela stores.

Aldo Comerford in Black Leather/Suede

These black leather and suede wingtip brogues are not bad from Aldo. Available now @ for $125.

Luxurite Cabinet Door TV/Computer/Mirror

This Cabinet Door TV by Luxurite is a TV, computer with wifi and a mirror when the TV is turned off. It can be modified to fit any size cabinet.

Carven Collarless Wool-Flannel Jacket

Carven's Collarless Wool-Flannel Jacket in nude/camel is a different look for the office that'll gain some attention. Available now @ for $760.

J. Crew Stripe Cotton Tank

This Stripe Cotton Tank from J. Crew comes in cream and navy silk blend seamed stripes. Available now @ for $60.