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Saturday, July 3, 2010

BMW M5 N635S 5.8 Hans Nowick Edition

This BMW M5 is a special edition vehicle by Hans Nowack packs a punch with a V10 708 horsepower engine! I love white BMW's! They always look so crisp.

Common Projects Fall/Winter 2010 Collection Sneakers

Here are from some new sneakers from the Common Projects Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. Available now @ $368.18 for the white ones and $337.45 for the pine green ones.

Imogene + Willie and J. Crew Collection

These new jeans are from Imogene + Willie and J. Crew's new collection that is set to be released in late August. They are going to retail around $375. Imogene + Willie have worked with Levi's and Double RL in creating washed denim looks for them so they are not new to the jeans scene. There is going to be other jeans released and a couple bags as well.

Wonder Woman Makeover

Speaking of illustrations, Wonder Woman gets a very modern-looking makeover that looks really good actually. The first picture of her is when she was created in 1941. She looks so much hotter in this new look thanks to illustrator Jim Lee.

Birche Magazine Spring/Summer 2011 Collections Illustrations

Here are some incredible-looking illustrations from Birche Magazine's favorite Spring/Summer 2011 looks. There is that Suede Burberry Trench again! I need that in my life!

Petrou/Man Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Here a couple looks from Petrou/Man Spring/Summer 2011 Collection with some interesting pieces. They are for the extremely fashionable man who can pull off things like this.

Topshop Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook

Topshop's new Fall/Winter 2010 Collection looks really good and they pay close attention to detail. Great looks! Keep an eye out for these and more @

Friday, July 2, 2010

ELLE Sweden Featuring Michelle Buswell

This cover just fit my postings of today perfectly! Get to the beach A.S.A.P. people because before you know it, summer's going to be over!

Amsterdam Shoe Co. Cap-Toe Derby Summer 2010

Perfect shoes for the beach! You can't beat a pair of canvas sneakers for beach footwear besides sandals and flip flops. I love cap-toe shoes/sneakers and these colors are really attractive. Available @ for around $98.

Saturday Surf Summer 2010 Collection

Soho's Saturday Surf Summer 2010 Collection looks real good and perfect for the beach. I like that light blue button down with the dark blue buttons in picture 4. If you're in Soho then go check out the store.

Ralph Lauren East Hampton Tote

This East Hampton Historical Society Canvas Tote is perfect for the beach. Available now @ for $75.

East Hampton Rugby Store Exclusive Vintage Watches

These vintage grosgrain watches are exclusive to the East Hampton Rugby Store. They are watches from the 40's and 50's specially made with grosgrain ribbon bands for the Rugby store. Last year when I went to the East Hampton Store they also had vintage Vans there too. Check them out if you're in the area.

RL Rugby "Our Fourth of July" Lookbook

Here are some looks from Rugby's Blog and S/S 2010 Collection that was photographed by Unabashedly Prep's F.E. Castlebury in East Hampton. The beach is beautiful in East Hampton and I can't wait to go out there (Two more weeks and counting!). I like the guy's outfit in picture 4 with the white on white and the navy blazer with the cool tie belt. The girl's outfit on the right is also cool with the navy plaid shirt and that brown belt with the cool skirt.

Yves Saint Laurent Polka Dot Hamptons Bag

Sorry everyone, I had a personal shopping appointment with a client that turned into an all day thing. Check out this YSL Polka Dot Hamptons Bag from this seasons Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. Today is going to be a Hamptons theme since I love that place so much.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gresso iPhone 4

Ok I finally got over the negative aspects of the iPhone and bought a bunch of cool Apps that changed my mind about the phone. The apps are the whole reason that you buy an iPhone and i get it now. Getting back, this is the iPhone 4 by Gresso made of 200 year-old African Blackwood with 18 karat gold details including the Apple logo. You can tell from the two which one is for women or men. Of course the overly detailed one is for the women and it retails for $3500. The other one retails for $3000.

Roberto Cavalli's 40th Anniversary Ad Campaign Featuring Gisele Bundchen

For Roberto Cavalli's 40th Anniversary Ad Campaign they decide to use the world's most expensive model Gisele Bundchen! This ad looks incredible and gives off a very powerful aura!

Burberry Military Watch

Burberry's Military Watch is an EMM must-have! Now this is a military watch and you can tell it is crafted very well by the legendary London, England-based mega-brand. I like the olive band better but I'll take both anyday. Available soon @ for $495.

Michaela Buerger Light Grey Pullover

This merino and mohair woolen sleeveless pullover is so sexy! It's from Michaela Buerger's A/W 2010-2011 collection and it's details are perfect. Available now @ for $515.38.