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Friday, February 8, 2013


There were 20 looks this season and they look damn good! Not too costumey and wearable pieces my favorite being the corduroy hooded pullover jacket, corduroy camel coat with red/blue pocket trim and the green wool reefer coat with the navy collar. The burgundy cord suit is also very cool and looks good with the red shirt and tie. A lot people don't notice how cool burgundy and fire red look together. The collection was inspired by the notion of urban utopia, maps, globes and architect Oscar Neimeyer's Brasilia. I'm not a fan of black because black is worn on a daily basis all over the city streets and I find it dull/boring but his looks in black are none of the above. That black wool overcoat pictured above is really special with a waist belt. The black map tie is pretty special too! No new footwear this season too (booooo) but I hope in the future they will do something for us. I featured a bunch of shirts from their new collection worth checking out and a closer look at that tie. Enjoy!


Yesterday was a busy day for me! I was up at the crack of dawn to try and solve these riddles that B.O.O. had for their Fall 2013 Men's Collection Scavenger Hunt that features their new collection. I solved the first three and was praised by Scott Sternberg (creative director, founder and designer of B.O.O.) himself as seen above. Yes eddieizzo is my Instagram name it's my nickname back home and it's a long story that we both don't have the time for. Then I jumped in the shower and headed downtown to find the truck to possibly win. I quickly changed my mind when I felt that 20 degree weather on my face so I decided to just buy the hat at a later date and just take pictures of the truck. I wore a complete Band outfit from head to toe (seen in pic above minus my camel/green horse scarf that I took off after the truck visit) but that is what I'm usually wearing mixed with a little J. Crew or Ralph Lauren predominantly. They appreciated my outfit as you can see in pic 3 all eyes were on me and the models felt unappreciated for a second but it felt longer to me. Now I have the picture forever to treasure. They were supposedly parked along Battery Park but when I got there no truck. I had to go on the live stream and pick a landmark that they were parked in front of and the Puma store it was. I then googled Puma stores in NYC which one was located in Union Square and I followed my gut. Fate has it and I find the truck yay! I'm also in the video taping which I later watched when I got home and saw the staff tapping Scott to check out my ensemble stating "Nice" and "I like that". My pic from the video is also above I'm standing against the storefront to the right. Fun times!


It was the quiet before the storm named after a cartoon fish or something like that! I'm talking about today's Blizzard called Nemo but anywho I made my way to the beautiful Lincoln Center which I have been several times as a child. My aunt and uncle live a few blocks away on 72nd st. and they used to take me there. I remember the fountain as well as seeing a symphony play here and it blew my mind. Now I'm back but this time for business and it felt like home. I wasn't there for any shows on this particular day but I wanted to just visit as a sightseer or an outsider you may say. Those are really the best moments sometimes, no rushing, just relaxing and enjoying the view. I saw a bunch of paparazzi-esque photo bloggers swarm to the most famous fashion execs/people in general and/or most stylish visitors in the area. I was expecting a circus but I only saw one outrageous outfit more befitting for the 70's pictured above in an all burgundy ensemble including a full length burgundy fur with matching hat. Some may find it comical but I appreciated his courage and the color burgundy was just soothing to my eyes. One of the photographers actually came up to me and asked if I was a model which was pretty cool. I'll be back on Sunday for a few shows that I was invited to for having this lovely blog and I am very thankful for that opportunity because I started this from nothing but a dream and a vision.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


No trendy bullshit here! Tom Ford keeps it classic and preppy for his Fall 2013 Collection. My favorite looks are look 3, 4 and 6 being my favorite also the only black model in the whole presentation, how ironic! Fair isle sweaters, cable knit, prince of wales print and turtlenecks throughout show that TF isn't giving up on his 70's influences.