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Friday, February 19, 2010

Aspinal of London Nappa Leather Gloves

These gloves look very luxurious and are the perfect accessory to add that distinctive gentleman look.-EMM Gloves won’t be neccessary for much longer but it’s always nice to plan for the future. If you’re going to buy gloves, why not push the boat out and get these nappa leather numbers? They evoke just enough old school charm to be called timeless, they’re sturdy and, if the nappa leather wasn’t luxurious enough for you, they’re sheepskin lined. The price isn’t cheap (£125) but they’re an ‘investment piece’. While that phrase might be a little silly (it’s not like you can sell these for a profit ten years down the line) these will get better with age. And at that cost, you’ll make sure you never forget them on the train home. (Aspinal of London)

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