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Thursday, March 24, 2011

TOMMY'S New SS2011 Polos (Band of Outsider Imitations?)

There is only so much that you can do to a polo shirt to make it stand out from the rest and Band of Outsiders always gets it right. Now Tommy for some reason or another has decided to release new polo concepts that have happened to make Band of Outsiders as popular as it has. The hidden pocket polo (done), colorblocked pocket polo (did it) and the inside out polo (yeah did that too). This is such a blatant move that frustrates me. They even left the Tommy flag logo off the chest that they always put on every polo to make it exactly like the THIS IS NOT A POLO SHIRT collection. Now if you are interested in any of these pieces that all retail for $39 which is a lot cheaper than the Band of Outsiders $150-$175 price tag then you can go to I like the shirts but I can't support them because they are blatant rip-offs of something that is proven successful making them followers rather than leaders.

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