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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Sorry for the 3 day hiatus but I was on a much needed little vaca out in East Hampton, Long Island. I used my Blackberry for the above images but it doesn't look that bad. I spent the whole time on the beautiful Main Beach and Indian Wells Beach (which is a resident only beach that I got ticketed $150 for visiting) as well as my hotels' pool! I ate at Babettes which was a very friendly place with great service but not-so tasty extremely healthy food that was very overpriced. I stopped at the RRL Store and it was amazing full of chunky sweaters, nautical inspired pieces, vintage jewelry including a very-cool US Navy ring in silver and a silver chain with a surfer engraved round medalion for $495. The jeans were so cool but they had slim fit bootcut jeans? Why? Isn't that the equivalent to bell bottoms? Nonetheless they were faded to perfection like RRL's usually are.

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