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Friday, February 8, 2013


It was the quiet before the storm named after a cartoon fish or something like that! I'm talking about today's Blizzard called Nemo but anywho I made my way to the beautiful Lincoln Center which I have been several times as a child. My aunt and uncle live a few blocks away on 72nd st. and they used to take me there. I remember the fountain as well as seeing a symphony play here and it blew my mind. Now I'm back but this time for business and it felt like home. I wasn't there for any shows on this particular day but I wanted to just visit as a sightseer or an outsider you may say. Those are really the best moments sometimes, no rushing, just relaxing and enjoying the view. I saw a bunch of paparazzi-esque photo bloggers swarm to the most famous fashion execs/people in general and/or most stylish visitors in the area. I was expecting a circus but I only saw one outrageous outfit more befitting for the 70's pictured above in an all burgundy ensemble including a full length burgundy fur with matching hat. Some may find it comical but I appreciated his courage and the color burgundy was just soothing to my eyes. One of the photographers actually came up to me and asked if I was a model which was pretty cool. I'll be back on Sunday for a few shows that I was invited to for having this lovely blog and I am very thankful for that opportunity because I started this from nothing but a dream and a vision.

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